Alpha Centori

Essential Cymbals 1

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When you're trying to add a decent open hat to your beat, but you're having trouble finding one that works. After searching for open hats for a long time, we couldn't really find any that sounded gritty and dusty. As a result, we decided to make our own by sound shaping various hats from vintage drum machines with filters, EQ's, saturations, and compression. It's amazing how well it turned out. With this library, you'll get the finest open hats we've ever made, plus additional cymbal sounds. This kit has everything from hi-hats to tambourines, shakers to rides, crashes, and open hats. Spend less time browsing through tiny kits. The content consists of 80 Open Hats, 50 Hi Hats, 50 Tambourines, 25 Crash Cymbals, 25 Rides and 25 Shakers. Take advantage of this 255-sound pack and make some serious noise! All files are in universal WAV format with a 44.1 kHz sample rate and 16-bit resolution.