Alpha Centori

Cobra Strike Drums

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All the drums included in this pack were created using The Boom Bap Nucleus Toolbox, skillfully designed by Centori. It offers you an impressive collection of over 400 audio files, comprising 60 non-processed kicks, 60 non-processed snares, and 30 non-processed hi-hats. Additionally, you'll receive the same sounds but this time processed with the distinctive grit of the EMU SP-1200.

Moreover, the pack includes 60 beefed-up kicks with extra thump, 12 drum fills, and 28 extras. Each file has been meticulously tested and crafted to deliver the most impactful and punchy sound. When you load this kit into your banks and pads, get ready to be blown away by its quality.

All files are available in the universal WAV format, with a sample rate of 44.1 kHz and 16-bit resolution. Alpha Centori is the mastermind behind the design of all these exceptional drums.

Download free demo here